SKI's Professional Driving School
          1030 Confederation St (Davey Jones Plaza)


"Leaders in driver's training"

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Last year, over 2,900 Canadians died in vehicle collisions - 85% of collisions are caused by driver error and are preventable

The current traffic situation requires an extraordinary amount of knowledge, insight, and proficiency, from a driver.  There is also a raised level of threat and negative mentality in fellow drivers.  Considering the present technology developments in vehicles, such as ABS, BAS, and ESP, it is important that drivers understand and learn to use these advances properly.

Safe driving is a matter of Occupational Health & Safety!



  • Reduces Operating Costs
  • Reduces Collisions
  • Reduces Sick Leave, Insurance and Other Benefit Payments Related to Traffic Collisions
  • Reduces vehicle abuse and maintenance costs
  • Increases customer satisfaction with on-time deliveries and undamaged product
  • Increases morale


  • Defensive Driving Techniques
  • Vehicle Inspections
  • Collision prevention
  • Turns
  • Passing
  • Backing
  • Road markings
  • Driver awareness & impairment
  • Tires

The average claim for any injury-producing or fatal vehicle collision is over $9,000.  Insurance rates can skyrocket to 10 times this amount!

This is a certificate program recognized by the Ministry of Transportation, Canada Safety Council & Ontario Safety League.