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Driver Improvement Course

The Driver Improvement Course (DIC) is a 6 hour classroom and 1 hour in car program for drivers involved in a collision, traffic violations and referred by the MTO (Ministry of Transportation Ontario) or the Ontario Courts.

Through the use of visual aids qualified instructors will show drivers how to avoid potentially dangerous situations.  Classroom participation involves case studies and active discussions of real life situations; as well as, identifying traffic hazards.  The Driver’s Notebook contains case studies, driving tips and other useful information, in addition to the course.
A valid driver's licence is required in order to complete this course.  Participants who currently have a suspended licence must contact the Ministry of Transportation, aproximately two weeks prior to their scheduled course date, in order for the MTO to issue a temporary licence for the day of the course.  Please note that the licence holder is required to collect their temporary driver's licence; in person, during business hours at the agreed Service Ontario office location.  Participants who require a temporary driver's licence in order to complete this course must acknowledge the fact at the time of registration so our office can prepare and provide the appropriate documentation to the MTO. 
All participants are required to provide proof of a valid driver's licence, if a driver's licence is not currently active the participant will not complete the course and their driver's licence will not be reinstate.