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Driving Evaluation (CDE)

Have you or a loved one had an injury or a medical condition but seem safe to drive, without adaptive equipment, and are looking for a professional's opinion on whether or not to keep your licence?  A comprehensive, on-road, driving evaluation (CDE) is just what you need!

All aspects of driving tasks are assessed and include:

  • Physical ability to handle the vehicle. 
  • Cognitive/behavioural skills (for example: ability to be aware of potential hazards, being aware of the full traffic environment).
  • Visual/perceptual skills (for example, how effectively you use your eyes, look around when you are driving and are able to take in the information you see correctly, make sense of it and act appropriately).
  • All responses to the traffic environments (for example, your ability to handle unusual situations, how you handle pedestrians, ability to cope with busy traffic areas or even the expressway).


Based on all the information gathered during the evaluation, the driving instructor, interprets results and makes recommendations based on performance strengths and limitations; as well as, on driving potential.  A written report with these recommendations are then provided to whom ever it may concern.