SKI's Professional Driving School
          1030 Confederation St (Davey Jones Plaza)


"Leaders in driver's training"

Private & Refresher Lessons

Private in-car Driving Lessons

Need a lesson or a few? Going for your road test and you want to make sure you're going to pass or just want to brush up on some good driving habits?

Private driving lessons take into consideration the uniqueness of every student (i.e. past driving experience, your age, learning ability etc.).  Our driving lessons reinforce essential defensive skills, while allowing students to address their own concerns and practice their driving.

What to expect from your private lesson:

  1.  One-on-one instructions with one of our 9 certified instructors, in our car or yours
  2.  Minimum 1 hour per lesson
  3.  Initial assessment of your strengths and weaknesses and feedback as you go
  4.  You will only take the number of lessons you actually want
  5.  Free pick up / drop off (within boundary lines)
  6.  Flexible schedule, 7 days a week